Changes in 2020

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Changes in 2020




Wednesday 23 December 2020

Simply Voltage Divider

This video show you how to quickly create a voltage divider using 2 resistors and simulate the divider in real-time using a signal generator and an oscilloscope. Click image below to see the video.


New Spice Model Popup (Simulation Menu)


This button allow a popup Spice model editor for a symbol to appear when a symbol is selected. e.g. for a resistor : dragging the slider updates the resistance in real-time (see above video)



Monday 21 December 2020

Popdown Layers Panel (from the ribbon menu)

Now stays visible until you click outside it.


clip1853CNC Output

Fix for offfset for metric units.


clip1854Converting Polylines to Curves (PCB)

Converted curve now placed on the correct layer.



Tuesday 8 December 2020

New Tutorial Video

This video shows you how to create a simple voltage divider and then use the spice probe to display both the input waveform and output waveform of the divider. Although the circuit is very basic it shows you the elementary principles of creating a circuit and viewing the circuits performance. This design was created using DEX.


Future Plans in a Nutshell

These are the features that I want to complete and finish off:


Python scripting. This full allow me to develop graphical objects you can place inside the schematic that when you click on them, they will run a script. It would be useful to have this also work with simulation.

Loads of videos. These will be tutorial videos and I will incorporate them inside the help system.

Expand the help system so it gives fully comprehensive instructions and reveals the many secrets in DEX.

More parametric parts.

Perhaps STEP 3D import.



View Video...

Tuesday 8 December 2020

New Forum

New forum. Just like the old forum. Easier to use.

clip1855Selecting Parts

Selecting parts on the bottom side of the PCB with a semi-transparent PCB now works correctly.



Sunday 6 December 2020

Simulation Examples

Added more examples



Saturday 5 December 2020

Project/Part Description Editors

Added description editors to the properties panel.


Chart and Oscilloscope Tools

Improved chart and oscilloscope simulation tools

Added sample projects using the chart and oscillosocpe to the simulation samples.


Rich Text Editors

The text editors in the properties panel/ library panel and elswhere now have more commands and save and restore their layouts.


Friday 4 December 2020

Sample Simulation Projects




Monday 23 November 2020

Improved Scripting Dialog


Thursday 19 November 2020

Improved Color Buttons for Pages



Thursday 12 November 2020

New Value Editors for Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors (Spice Model)









Wednesday 11 November 2020

Spice Simulation Probe


Tuesday 10 November 2020

Gerber Export

Improved options for export to Gerber.




Sunday 1 November 2020

Paneled PCB Display

Right click context menu impemented for the PCB viewport when displaying the PCB paneled.




Monday19 October 2020

PCB Hole Centers

Optional hole drill centers for plotting.


Thursday 15 October 2020

clip1865PCB Center Editing

Editing the X or Y center of the PCB in the properties panel now works correctly with rotated PCBs.


PCB Rotation

The PCB rotation manipulator has been improved.


Wednesday 14 October 2020

PCB Center Editing

Editing the X or Y center of the PCB in the properties panel now moves any PCB holes as well and the PCB center.


Friday 9 October 2020

Polarized Devices

You can optional mark pad polarized for both axial and radial parametric devices.
















Monday 28 September 2020


You can now plot the top and bottom solder masks.




Solder Mask

clip1871The solder mask for curved areas now far more accurate. Fixed some shape errors.



Friday18 September 2020


Fix for in-project convert part to chip device not working.


Added option to restrict black areas on negative plots to the PCB. This will save you ink if using a printer.





With restrict checked



Monday 14 September 2020

Track Loops

Track loop remover prefers to remove a track causing the loop if it is not fully unrouted over removing fully routed tracks.



Fix for the Part Builder not updating pad sizes in part edit.


Sunday 13 September 2020


Fix for the Part Builder updating the wrong pads.


Friday11 September 2020

Page Size

Added A5 option.


Free vias with named signals (via not automstically generated as part of a Net - sometimes acting a thermal vias) are not flag as errors if they intersect with a track with the same signal name.


Thursday 10 September 2020


Added new check for symbol terminals without an associated footprint pad.

Full Screen

Home key for 2D and 3D implemented.


Fix for Siilkscreen properties panel not displaying correct silkscreen center.

Fix for Siilkscreen properties panel not updating the sikscreen position correctly.



Wednesday 9 September 2020

Build PCB

Correctly sizes and places PCB mounting holes.

Autoroutes the PCB if Electra present.





Thursday 27 August 2020


Copper Pours Highlighted

Copper pours now highlighted when a connected node is selected.

You can still see connected tracks routed through the copper pours.



Friday 21 August 2020

Improved gap quality around elliptical pads in copper pours.


Manual Routing

You can now start manually routing a track by holding down the left mouse button over an unrouted track segment and dragging the mouse.


Thursday 20 August 2020

Improved CNC output.

Improved CNC viewer.

Option to offset CNC output using PCB origin or automatically postioning the CNC output PCB border's bottom left corner at 0,0.




Tuesday 11 August 2020


Fix for Unroute selected track/track segment not working.





Monday 27 July 2020


Fix for SMT pads not being sub-pickable if Draw Pads Yellow selected.


Wednesday15 July 2020


Fix for solder paste not automatically added to chip packages.

Fix for position error (ocassional) when swapping sides for imported 3D objects.

DRC not correctly working with rounded track corners and copper pours - false errors sometimes shown.


Monday 13 July 2020


Fix for DRC and rounded tracks - false errors.

Fix for Footprint Reference prefix editing not updating symbols.



Improved interactive editing of the BOM - price, device value editable.


Sunday 12 July 2020


Fixed footprint references on the wrong layer.

Fix for some missing part values in the BOM


Saturday 11 July 2020


Fix for adding TPH pad not works.

Show power nets now working.

TPH power plane clearance was incorrect.


Layers Panel

Double click layer turns all other layers off leaving only the double clicked layer visible.





Sunday 21 June 2020


Fix for vias not being drawn on the bottom layer if top layer turned off.


Monday 8 June 2020

Improved rotation of footprints.



Saturday 6 June 2020

Updated software API libraries.




Saturday 23 May 2020

User Forum

New user forum.


This is a very clean looking forum and a great improvement over the previous forum.



Sunday 10 May 2020

Hot - tracking row in grid views and lists: making life easier.clip1890


Improved routing for simulation instruments.


Internal code optimization.

Updated UI components.


Friday 8 May 2020

Undo/redo works better for the 3D View properties panel.


Friday 1 May 2020

Expanded tootips for rectanglar and elliptical PCB cutouts now show center and size.


Fix for status bar showing incorrect Y coordinate in PCBs.

Symbol Value editor correctly updates symbol values /





Sunday 26 April 2020

User Forum

New user forum.

Added user forum button to the Help/Support menu.



Saturday 18 April 2020


Added extra buttons to the Simulate ribbon tab.

Optimized the display of the Spice Model tab in the properties panel.


Tuesday 14 April 2020

Refresh Parts

Refreshing parts also includes holes and cutouts.


Monday 13 April 2020

3D PCB Holes

Improved display of 3D holes for pads and Vias.

Vias in Pads

Easier selection/move and arraying;


Thursday 9 April 2020

clip1894 Bug Fixes

Fixed setting copper pour to PCB outline (rounded corners).

Fixed some errors in the PCB properties panel - setting colors.


Tuesday 7 April 2020


You can now add individual V-Cuts to the PCB. These are straightl ine cuts. Adding them is similar to adding lines.





Wednesday 18 March 2020

Radial Context Menu

No longer the default. Classic dropdown context menu is now the default.

clip1896 Mirror Context Menu

Fix for wrong direction. Ribbon menu was OK.


Friday 13 March 2020

Imported 3D models

Unused 3D models removed from projects/parts on file load.This can greatly reduce your file size.


Monday 9 March 2020


Added distributors tab:



Selecting a track in a PCB cross-selected the owning node in the schematic(s).






Saturday 7 March 2020

Library Coordinates and Inter-wire Connectors

You can now set the fonts and colors.






Saturday 29 February 2020

Library Panels

Directory and file names sorted. This solves problems with Google Virtual Drives.


Friday 28 February 2020

PCB Panels

Plotting panels now possible.

Printing panels now shows true colors.

clip1901 PCB DRC

Fix for false positives with rounded tracks.


Wednesday 26 February 2020

New Font Selector

Displays grid of font names and text with font applied.

Selected objects update instantly as you select fonts in the grid.clip1902


Tuesday 25 February 2020

Software Organization

Software optimized and updated to C# 8.

clip1903 Fix for some text being offset - rare event but annoying.


Thursday 20 February 2020

Layers Panel

Added settings for PCB thickness, with and without solder masks/silkscreens.


Wednesday 19 February 2020


Added panel shortcuts:


Ctrl+F - (fine) Navigator

Ctrl+L - Layers

Ctrl+P - (parts) Library

Ctrl+J - Project

Ctrl+B - Part Builder

Ctrl+O - Properties


Sunday 16 February 2020

Zoom window on PCBs sometimes did not show semi-transluent zoom area.

Added 'Close All' and 'Close All Except This' context menu commands to viewport tabs.

Speed increase when moving PCB tracks and routing.

Improved smart pan and original view restoration.

Smart pan now works well with pan and zoom key presses.

Smart pan now works well the mouse thumbwheel zoom in/out.


Wednesday 12 February 2020

Improved New Part Wizard

Welcome page layout improved.


Monday 10 February 2020

clip1905 Eagle Import

Fix for possible unconnected lines in PCB profile. Eagle design error.

Fix for changed Eagle library location in latest version. (Import Eagle linrary)


Sunday 9 February 2020

Part Renumbering

Added option for interactive renumbering. Moving parts updates the reference IDs in real time.



Wednesday 5 February 2020

3D Printing

Added option to add one or more of the following 3D views:

Standard 3D view with perspective

Top 3D orthographics view

Bottom 3D orthographics view






Wednesday 29 January 2020

clip1908 Full Screen

Fix for flashing screen. Now switching between full and normal screen is smoother.


Monday 27 January 2020

Improved Track Teardrops



Sarurday 24 January 2020

clip1910 Zoom Selected

Fix for incorrect scale. Now much better.


Friday 24 January 2020

Images Copy to Clipboard

Now works with 3D multi-viewports.

Works with any aspect ratio for image size.


Thursday 23 January 2020

Images Copied to Clipboard

Now compatible with Photoshop and other programs.

 Save Image to File

Save image now gives you an option to save an area of the viewport.



Monday 20 January 2020

3D Zoom Window Command

Added zoom window command for 3D.



3D Copy Image Area

Copies high resolution 3D image to the clipboard. (4000 pixels width/high). Select area by dragging zoom rectangle. Image has the same aspect ratio as the selection rectangle.

Paste image in Word documents etc.


NOTE: Windows clipboard does not accept transparency color.




Sunday 19 January 2020

PCB Save to Bitmap (Image) File

Now work up to 4000 pixels in 3D now as well as 2D.

Transparentbackground improved for 3D and 2D.


Friday 17 January 2020

PCB Breakouts

You can now set the cutter width for smaller PCBs.




Thursday 16 January 2020


Pad numbering now left to right.


Setting 3D Part Color using the Color Bar

In 3D view; If object is selected then click on a color in the color bar sets the objects color.



Wednesday 15 January 2020

Schematic Grid

Now displays for finer pixel separations.


Changed website links to secure HTTPS.



Friday 10 January 2020

clip1915 3D Silkscreen

Fix for the bottom silkscreen being drawn underneath the solder mask.


Thursday 2 January 2020

PCB Total Thickness

You can now set the total thickness of the PCB using a single number entry. This will adjust all core thicknesses.




clip1917Minor Bug Fixes and UI Improvements