Changes in 2022

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Changes in 2022


Saturday 31 December 2022

clip1836 Footprint Part Values

Fix for vastly out of place part values.

New Parts

Default 'custom' part value set for footprints.

Project and Part Files

Reduced size.

Monday 26 December 2022

Internal Data Checks

Improved internal checks for project data consistency and self repair.

Monday 19 December 2022

Code Optimization

Source code optimized. Excess code removed.


Sunday 27 November 2022

Help Website

The help website has been updated.



Thursday 24 November 2022

DRC Errors

Fix for the Design Rule Checker using the wrong track width for rounded tracks.

Sunday 20 November 2022

Cannot Delete Message

More informative message if cannot delete selected.


Strict Design


Non-Strict Design


Saturday 19 November 2022

Repair Button

New repair button to check and fix internal data inconsistencies.  The fix can be undone/redone using the Undo/Redo buttons.



Wednesday 16 November 2022

Bug Fixes

Fix for changing parametric part type, the symbol is not always viewed in full.

Fix for footprint type values in parts loaded from the Parts Catalog being in the wrong position.

Thursday 10 November 2022

Website Moved

Website moved from  to



Sunday 6 November 2022

Bug Fixes

Fix for unconnected copper pour areas sometime being wrong.

Fix for 3D WRL import sometimes rejecting files.


Tuesday 1 November 2022

Bug Fixes

Fix for footprint reference text updated incorrectly when changing parametric parts in projects.

Fix for rebuild terminal magnet zooming out when the terminal magnet is rebuilt.

Fix for pad number for TO-3xx and SOT-23x.

SOT-23x now shows pin 1 marker in 2D.

Auto-size footprint part type text.


Sunday  30 October  2022

2/4/8 and 15 Pin TO-3

This video shows you how to set a symbol terminal names from a datasheet. This can save you a lot of time when you are creating custom parts. Once mastered, this technique will save you time and money.





3D View From Bottom

Tuesday  25 October  2022

Capturing Schematic Symbol Pin Details from a PDF

This video shows you how to set a symbol terminal names from a datasheet. This can save you a lot of time when you are creating custom parts. Once mastered, this technique will save you time and money.

Terminal Name Capture


Setting the Theme

It’s time to get spooky. This short video shows you how to set up your theme to a seasonal one such as Halloween.

Halloween Theme


Monday  24 October  2022


Creating a Parametric Part

In this video I will show you how to create parametric parts. The parametric part is a part that is automatically created from a number of parameters these parameters can be the size and shape of the pads, the pitch between the pads, the number pads, the size of the parts body, the colour of the body of the part, a texture that can be optionally applied to the body of the part, and so the list goes on.

Using parametric parts allows you to create an infinite variety of parts based on a generic template.

Examples of generic templates are SOIC devices, axial and radial devices. Small outline transistors, LEDs, sockets, and many other diverse types. You will see many of them created in this video.

Creating a Parametric Part


New SIP Parametric Part


Sunday  23 October  2022


Improved Navigation Panel

This video shows you how to locate parts in your design using the navigator panel. It allows you to easily locate symbols and footprints by simply clicking on the parts reference in either a list of symbols or a list of footprints.

When you select a part, the relevant viewport will optionally auto zoom to display the selected part. If auto zoom is not checked, the selected part will flash so you can easily locate it.

In addition, if you are viewing the PCB in 3D, selecting a footprint or display a 3D manipulator so can easily see where the part is.

Using the Navigator

Using the Route Panel to quickly locate schematic nodes and PCB nets in your design

In this video you will see how you can quickly locate schematic nodes and PCB nets in your DEX design.

It shows you how to use the Route panel and by clicking on a schematic node name or a PCB net name the node/net will be highlighted, and the viewport will automatically zoom to show the selected node/net.

The route panel shows you many important statistics about your design: some of the most useful are the track length and the routing efficiency.

You can organise your nets by track length, and this will you decide which net to route next.

Using the Route Panel


Improved Docking Panel Manager

Saturday  22 October  2022


All Wires Common to Node Highlighted in Red

In this example, the ground node is shown in red.


Thursday 20 October  2022


Docking and Floating Panels

All docked and floating panels now have minimum widths that prevent control clipping. This greatly improves usability.


Wednesday 19 October  2022

Properties Panel

The properties panel automatic resizing has been greatly improved so controls are not clipped.


Tuesday 18 October  2022

Popup Properties Panel

The popup properties panel automatic resizing has been greatly improved.


clip1836 Sunday 16  October 2022

Fix for courtyard and footprint reference visibility being set on parametric part rebuild.

Saturday 15 October  2022


Editing Lines 

This video shows you how to edit lines in DEX.

It shows you how to change the line style, position, start and end caps, width, and colour, including transparency.

Editing Lines

Numeric Input 

Numeric coordinate input extended to all add-object commands. Previously some commands also featured line/segment length and angle input. Now, only adding angles guides uses angle input.


Tuesday 11 October  2022

New YouTube Handle 




Improved Indicators for Selected Nodes


Improved Indicators for Selected Terminals



Tuesday 11 October  2022

Creating Part Symbols Sibling in  Projects

This video shows you how to create symbol siblings in a project. It first shows you how to create a complete copy of the original symbol. It then shows you how to create a partial copy of the original symbol. This is very useful for speaking up parts into more manageable symbols where each symbol represents a specific portion of the devices functionality.

Creating Part Siblings

Compacting a Symbol in a Project

This video shows you how to quickly compact a part symbol in a schematic. It also automatically reroutes any wires that are connected to the symbol that has been resized. This saves you a lot of work.

Compacting a Symbol

Resizing a Symbol

In this video you will see how you can easily resize the parts symbol by first selecting it and then dragging one of the part’s manipulator’s corners. As the part is resized you will see the part’s designator and part’s description automatically repositioned.

Resizing a Symbol

Adding an Hyperlink Button

This video shows you how to add a hyperlink button to a schematic. Once added you can click on the hyperlink and the website will open in your browser.

These hyperlink buttons open very useful in adding documentation links into your design. For instance you can link to a supplier or two-way data sheet.

Hyperlink Button


Monday 10 October  2022

Sibling Parts

There is an easier way to create sibling part.


Ribbon Command


Context menu (right mouse click)

Select the schematic symbol to create an identical symbol or

Select symbols terminals to create a symbol with just those symbol terminals. The selected symbol terminals will be removed from the source symbol.

Window Select

In the part editor, window select will now select multiple symbol terminals.


Saturday 1 October  2022

Spreadsheets Sample Project

A sample spreadsheets project has been added. This contains several spreadsheets in single project.



Friday 30 September  2022

Hyperlink Button

You can now add hyperlink buttons to schematics, symbols, PCBs and footprints.

Click on the clip0332 button



See the DEX UNO sample.



Thursday 29 September  2022

DEX Design Contents

You have have the following data content in your project.




oWord Compatible Text Documents

oExcel Compatible Spreadsheets

oAdobe PDF files






oWord Compatible Text Documents

oExcel Compatible Spreadsheets

oAdobe PDF files


Popup Project Dialog

You can now edit the project hierarchy in a popup menu.


Spreadsheets Inside DEX

You can now add spreadsheets to your design: both parts and project.


Wednesday 28 September  2022

Adobe PDF Sheets

Enhanced PDF Sheet display with layout improvements, annotations, and comments.



You can now add highlights, strikethroughs, underlines and sticky notes. These are saved in your designs.





clip1836 Sunday 25 September  2022

Bugs Fixes

Several internal bug fixes.


Sunday 11 September  2022

New Video Tutorials




A complete list of tutorial videos is available at:

You can also down each one.

These are hosted on, not YouTube. So no annoying YouTube adverts.



Sunday 4 September  2022

Option to Show Grid on Top

Normally the grid is drawn behind all objects except the PCB border.

Grid Showing Behind All Except the PCB

Grid Showing Behind All Except the PCB


Now you have the option of having the grid drawn above all objects on the PCB.

Click on the small rectangle at the bottom right of the Snaps per Grid button a group and check/uncheck the Show Grid on Top check box.


Grid Showing on Top

Grid Showing on Top


Friday 2 September  2022

PCB Grid

Grid visibility improved when drawing filled PCBs.


Thursday 1 September  2022

Colored Background

Now if you set the page color, only the area outside the PCB is colored. The inside remains black or the PCB color if you set the PCB as filled. See the UNO sample.


Internal Auto-Router

More improvements to the internal router. This is experimental so do not use for production design.


Unoptimized routing of UNO sample.

Routed in 0.287 seconds!


Thursday 1 September  2022

Internal Auto-Router

Improved routing. This is experimental so do not use for production design.


Sample - routed in 122ms. Not optimized.

Thursday 25 August  2022

Internal Auto-Router

Internal auto-router now available for users with valid licenses. This is experimental and the result is not yet optimized; but it is a start. It is very fast and will form the basis of a follow me auto-router.


Result Not Optimized

Sunday 21 August  2022

Online Manual Moved

The online manual has moved to


Wednesday 17 August  2022

Short Date Macro

A new short date macro is being added for text objects. Instead of a full date being displayed a shortened date will be displayed.


Saturday 6 August  2022

New Manual Layout

This manual has been extensively changed and reorganised. There has also been many corrections and improvements.

This is being done to enable you to use DEX get the full benefit.

There will also be many more changes over the next few days. The aim is to make this manual a comprehensive resource and reveal all the secrets hidden inside DEX, which are many and varied.


Saturday 30 July  2022

Improved dialog layouts in the Properties Panel.

Added thumb-wheel to set line widths in the Line Properties Editor.



Thursday 28 July  2022

Custom Line Style and Color for Symbol Terminals


Thursday 21 July  2022

Users Forum

Yet another users forum. Last one shut down due to a Wordpress plugin. Hopefully this will last.



clip1836 Tuesday 19 July  2022

Manual Routing

Improved manual routing optimization.

clip1836 Saturday 16 July  2022

Manual Routing

Fix for re-routing tracks. Sometimes optimization did not remove excess segments.

Saturday 2 July  2022

Selected Schematic Wires

Selected schematic wires now highlighted with light pink border. This allows the true color to also be displayed so that color changed made using the color panel show correctly.


Changing the wire color updates connected probes and the trace color in oscilloscopes.



Thursday 30 June  2022

Boxed Socket

Added extra parameters for Boxed Sockets.



Wednesday 22 June  2022

Snap to Objects

Greatly improved snap to objects.



clip1836 Monday 20 June  2022

Copper Pour

Fix for rectangular pads connected to copper pour sometimes not fully connecting.

clip1836 Sunday 19 June  2022

Imported 3D Models

Fix for imported 3D models in footprints placed on the rear of the PCB being incorrectly position in the 3D view. This did not affect Gerber output.

Saturday 18 June  2022

Strict Design

Strict Design is on by default in the DRC.

This stops you deleting footprints, tracks, etc. in the PCB that would affect the electrical integrity of the schematic. You should edit your design in the schematic.

The PCB is for layout and routing; not for changing electrical connectivity between parts.


However, if you insists on deleting things in the PCB then you can turn Strict Design on/off in the DRC Panel.


clip1836 Tuesday 14 June  2022

Checklist Panel

Fix for edit cell losing focus when changing the terminal or pad name.

Monday  13 June  2022

Checklist Panel

The checklist panel will auto-zoom the PCB as well as the schematic when you select a connection.

This makes it easy to correlate schematic and PCB connections.


Thursday  9 June  2022

clip1836Bug - Yellow Pads

Fix for yellow pads not showing when viewing from the bottom.



You can now select more than one track segment and unroute them.


Sunday  5 June  2022

Spice Advanced Model Tab

Added properties panel for all Spice model types. This allows you to enter comprehensive device model parameters for simulation.


Spice Simulation Videos

Coming soon, more videos on how to do device simulation.


Thursday  2 June  2022

Menu Commands

Added buttons to the Status Bar to edit selected graphical enitites.


Same for Graphics Add Menu



Saturday 29 May  2022

Eagle Board and Schematic Import

Improved PCB border and cutouts.

Improved schematics.



Tuesday 24 May  2022

clip1836Bug / User Interface Fixes

Editing some entities such as pads and curves did not update viewports even though the edited object was changed.

Changing the color for top and bottom solder-masks did not work in the layers panel. However, It worked in the PCB border panel. So both methods are now OK.


Friday 20 May  2022

Eagle Import

Now keeps original sikscreen patterns.

3D models automatically created if part type recognized..

Wednesday 12 May  2022

Added Uncamco Reference Gerber Button

Added button in the Tools menu to display the Ucamco free online Gerber Viewer.


Ucamco, developer of the Gerber Format, now offers a free online Gerber Viewer.

 Karel Tavernier brings an overview of the main features 

Check out the Reference Gerber Viewer on


Ucamco: Free Online Reference Gerber Viewer


Sunday 2 April  2022

Connecting Arc and Curves to Copper Pour

Added option in the properties panel for arcs and curves to connect then to bounding copper pour regions.

Friday 1 April  2022

Connecting Lines and Polylines to Copper Pour

Added option in the properties panel for lines and polylines to connect then to bounding copper pour regions.


Before Copper Pour Fill


After Copper Pour Fill


Friday 25 March  2022

Improved Graphics for Imported Eagle Parts


Wednesday 16 March  2022

Increased Transparency of 'Hidden' Symbol Terminal Names and Pin Names


Tuesday 15 March  2022

Improved Symbols in Eagle Library Import


Tuesday 1 March  2022


Dipped Tantalum Parametric Capacitor


Variant of Disc Parametric part.



Saturday 26 February 2022


Design Rule Checker Panel

Errors found are now grouped by error type. This makes it easier to view them.


Friday 25 February 2022


Design Rule Checker

Added more extensive details to errors found.

Added two buttons to turn on/off all checks. This makes it easier just to turn off all checks expect a single check such as unrouted tracks.



 Thusday 24 February 2022



New user registration page.



Design Rule Checker

Added design rule for pads assigned to power planes not connected to power plane.

Added design rule for pads assigned to split-power planes not connected to split-power plane.

Expanded erro listing giving more details.


Auto-Routing Pads to Power Planes


Routing Pads to Split-Power Planes

Hold down left mouse button over un-routed segment and drag track inside the split-power plane area.





Saturday 19 February 2022


New  Community Page on YouTube

DEX DEX Designer Community


Convert/Edit Multiple Parametric Parts in Projects

You can now select one or more footprints in a projects and:

Convert then all to another parametric footprint type e.g. from TPH axial resistors to SMT chip resistors.

Edit any of the properties and all selected will be changed.

Monday 14 February 2022


3DConnection SpaceMouse Support




View 3DConnection Website




  Wednesday 2 February 2022


Route Panel - Hiding Unselected Tracks

Seeing individual track routing more clearly.



Electrical properties.


3D Manipulator

Improved manipulators for translation, scaling and rotation.



clip1836Bug / User Interface Fixes

3D Pad holes in copper pours fixed.

3D track width fixed (wrong width in rare circumstances).

Units buttons missing in some dialogs (microns and metres)

Improved editor with scale.

Improved rotator.

Status bar optimized.





  Friday 28 January 2022


Number Entry Controls

Rotary popup control added.


Click the clip2696 button




Option to hide/show calculator and popup rotary value control buttons. Right click shows context menu.




  Sunday 23 January 2022


Ground selector for Spice model

You can now assign a Spice terminal to ground.



Input for large/small numbers

You can now input numbers in scientific format. e.g. 1.23-e4


Popup rotary dial for varying large/small numbers.



Hold down the left mouse button shows popup rotation dial.




Wednesday 19 January 2022


clip1836Vias in Footprints

Fixed incorrect 3D position of vias in rotated footprints.



Friday 14 January 2022


Eagle Library

The Eagle library importer has improved shape optimizer.




Friday 7 January 2022


.NET 4.8

The installer will download and install .NET 4.8 if needed. Windows 10 should already have .NET 4.8 installed.

It works on:

Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 Update

Windows 10 v1607-v1809

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2012 R2 Update, 2016, v1803-v1809, 2019


Thursday 6 January 2022


PCB Cutouts and Holes in 3D

You can now see the true effect of cutouts and holes in your PCB.

Note: This cutout will generate many DRC errors as tracks and pads are cut.



Tuesday 4 January 2022


clip1836PDF Export

Fixed incorrect paragraph vertical position with empty lines at the start and/or at the end of the text entity.

Fixed incorrect paragraph left and right alignment.


Monday 3 January 2022


clip1836Design Rule Checker

Fixed false positive error reporting un-routed track end when track ends on a track junction.


clip1836Eagle Part Import

Parts with embedded holes now position holes correctly.



Sunday 2 January 2022



Improved movement and editing of vias.


clip1836 Moving Footprints

Fix for sometimes jagged movement of footprints when dragging.


Saturday 1 January 2022

clip1836 Repeat Adding Resistor

Fix for bug when all resistors had terminals refering to pads in the first resistor.