3D Tutorial

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3D Tutorial

Viewing your PCB in Glorious 3D

Now you can view your PCB complete with shadows, reflective surfaces, 3D copper and even see the solder.

Parametric Parts

DEX comes with many parametric parts. A parametric part is a part than can automatically generate a 2D footprint/land pattern and a matching 3D model. All from a few simple parameters. So instead of having a library of 100's of variants of a package type, you simply and quickly generate your parts.

Moving Parts In 3D on Your PCB

This video shows you how you can move your parts on a PCB using the 3-D viewport.

Importing 3D Models To Use in a PCB Part

This video shows you how to import a 3-D model from an external source into DEX. The part is also modified and the materials changed to give a more realistic appearance.

Comparison of real-time 3D rendering of a PCB

This video shows a comparison of rendering a 3D PCB with and without real-time shadows and reflective surfaces.

Setting Material Texture for 3D Parts

This video shows you how you can set the material texture for 3-D parts that you import into DEX. It also shows you how to modify the characteristics of the imported material to effectively have the equivalent of thousands of different textures.

Automatic Generation of 3D model PCB Header

This video show the header produced by DEX/Active3D.

3D PCB Viewing in AutoTRAX

You can view your PCB in fully interactive 3D. DEX will even generate the 3D model of your parts and the PCB automatically.

Semi-transparent PCBs with AutoTRAX

You can make your PCB semi-transparent and even separate the layers so you can see the internal structure of your PCB.

Viewing PCBs and Their Internal Structure in AutoTRAX

When viewing a PCB is 3D you can make the layers of the PCB semi-transparent and increase the visual separation of the layers so can easily see the internal structure of your PCB.


Adding, moving and rotating 3D objects on PCBs

This shows you how to add 3D content to a PCB or part in DEX. It also show you how to move and rotate objects.

Active 3D Preview for AutoTRAX

Active 3D is the next 3D visualization and modeling program for version 2. This video gives you a preview of whats to come.