3D View Control

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3D View Control


You can set several viewing options for 3D using the 3D tab in the properties panel. Click on clip1426 to expand the control.



This set of controls set the visibility of various parts of the PCB and also the thickness of the PCB.


Board Thickness. This is the total thickness of the board including the copper layers on the upper and lower surfaces.

Copper Thickness. This is the thickness of the copper on the top and bottom side of the PCB.

Explode. Check this to create an exploded view of the PCB. This will show you the internals of the PCB.

Exploded View of the PCB


Show Parts. Uncheck this to hide the parts and show only the PCB.

Show Parts Unchecked


Show Holes. Check this to show the PCB holes. If unchecked the holes will not be visible.

Show Parts and Show Holes Unchecked


Display Copper as Layer Color. Check this to display the copper with the same color as the color in the to the PCB view.


Show Pads as Yellow. Check this to show all pads colored yellow.


Draw All Copper Yellow. Check this to show all copper colored yellow.

All copper on the top and bottom of the PCB drawn as yellow.


3D Tracks, Pads etc. Check to show the tracks, pads and other copper areas as 3-D. If unchecked then they will be added as texture to the surface of the PCB and will draw a lot faster but the quality will not be as good.

3D Copper


2D Copper


3D Add Solder. Checking this will add 3-D solder to all pad connections.

3D Solder


No 3D Solder



Board Color

This sets the color of the board material. It does not set the color of the solder mask.


Green Board


Check clip1419 to give the board a glass fiber type weave.


Drag the clip1420 slider to enhance the appearance of the weave.

No Weave


Enhanced Weave



Solder Mask

This sets the visibility and color of the solder mask.

Check clip1418to show the solder mask.


No Solder Mask




Check clip1423 to fix the position of the light relative to the PCB. If unchecked then the light is attached to the camera (Your viewing position) and move when you alter the viewpoint.

Hold down the left mouse button and drag it over the light track ball clip1425 to set the position of the light.


Drag the clip1424 slider to the right to increase the level of background/fill lighting.


Background Color

The 3D background is a vertical gradient from a top color to a bottom color.

At the top of the Background Color expansion group is a palette of preset gradient. Click on any of the