Adding External 3D Objects

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Adding External 3D Objects

You can add  3D from an external file to both a PCB and a Footprint

Click on the ToolsImport clip0954 button.

The import 3D file will be shown as shown below.


Select a file and click clip0956 to add it to the PCB.

The 3D model will be imported and embedded in a 3D Model.

Currently DEX will only import XGL files.

The XGL file format is designed to represent 3D information for the purpose of visualization.  It attempts to capture all of the 3D information that can be rendered by SGI's OpenGL rendering library.  It uses XML 1.0 syntax.  These features make XGL the ideal format to use when data must be exchanged between two graphics systems for the purposes of visualization.

Autodesk Inventor will export to XGL.

You can find loads of free 3D models at

To turn them into XGL files:

1.Download the 3D file from as a .SAT file.

2.Start Autodesk Inventor.

3.Open the downloaded .SAT file.

4.Export to a XGL file.

5.Import it into DEX.