Adding Solder Paste

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Adding Solder Paste

DEX can automatically add solder paste for you.

You can optionally and your own custom solder paste areas.

SMT pads

Surface mounted pads automatically add a solder paste area. You can turn off the automatically added solder paste using the pad's properties panel.

TPH pads

Thru-plated hole (TPH) pads do not have solder paste automatically added.

No mask cutouts

No mask cutouts normally do not have solder paste but you can optionally have automatically generated solder paste added to the no mask cutouts.

Custom solder paste areas

Finally, you can add your own custom solder paste areas by adding any graphics to either the top solder mask layer or the bottom solder mask layer.

Layers panel

in the layers panel you will see to solder mask areas. The first one is above the top copper layer and the second one is below the bottom copper layer.

Normally this solder mask layers are off but you can easily turn them on using the layers panel.