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Axial PCB packages are a type of through-hole electronic component package that is commonly used for resistors, capacitors, and diodes. Axial components are named for the axial orientation of the leads (or legs) of the component, which are located at opposite ends of the component and extend outward along a common axis.

In an axial PCB package, the leads are typically inserted into plated through-holes on the PCB and then soldered to the PCB to form a mechanical and electrical connection. The leads can also be bent at a right angle to the component body and inserted into mounting holes on the PCB, where they are secured with a nut.

Axial PCB packages come in various shapes and sizes, and their dimensions depend on the specific component they are used for. Some common types of axial components include axial electrolytic capacitors, axial ceramic capacitors, and axial diodes.

One advantage of axial PCB packages is that they are relatively easy to install and remove, and can be inserted into the PCB by hand. They are also generally more robust than surface-mount components and are less prone to mechanical stress or damage.

However, axial PCB packages take up more space on the PCB than surface-mount components and can limit the density of other components around them. They are also less suitable for high-frequency applications due to their longer lead lengths, which can introduce unwanted inductance and capacitance into the circuit.

An Axial Part With Banding

An Axial Part With Banding



To create an Axial part click the clip0657 button in the The Part Builder

The part builder will automatically create the footprint for the device and also a suitable schematic symbol with the pin names left blank for you to fill in.

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