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Saturday 25 March 2023

clip1836Downloading Updates

Fix for problems with the new version downloading dialog 'hanging' and not downloading.

If you have this problem, please download direct from https://pcbdex.com/Download

Friday 17 March 2023

NC Drill Files

Format changed to make the output precision explicit; making it fully compatible with the Ucamco Reference Gerber viewer.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Improved Layout of Entity Properties Editors

Entity editors (for line, ellipses, arc etc.) improved layout.

Gerber Files

Output precision increased to 1e-6 inches!

Pad slot holes now correctly output.

Gerber syntax improved to work with the Ucamco Reference Gerber viewer.

Option to automatically open the Ucamco Reference Gerber viewer after outputting Gerber files.

clip1836 Left Ruler

Fix for text labels not being drawn if viewing a PCB from the bottom.

Saturday 11 March 2023

What is DPI and why does it matter?

DPI stands for dots per inch, where a dot represents a physical device pixel. (The nomenclature comes from printing, where dots are the smallest ink dot that a printing process can produce). HDPI stands for high dots per inch.

Historically, monitors shipped with 96 pixels per inch. The Windows operating system drew a bitmap that represented 96 DPI as 100%. But as display technology progressed, that DPI threshold was surpassed. Monitors started shipping with display panels close to 300 DPI or higher.

While higher pixel density produces sharper images, some sort of display scaling is required to size elements on the screen properly. Otherwise, user interface (UI) elements and text are too tiny to use effectively and can overlap. To help remedy this, Windows automatically scales the UI percentile to match the DPI setting. For example, a DPI setting of 100% represents 96 DPI, where 125% is 120 DPI, and 150% is 144 DPI. This automatic scaling affects text, graphics, controls, and window sizes.

Here's where DPI-aware vs. DPI-unaware comes in. When an application declares itself to be DPI-aware, it's a statement specifying that the app behaves well at higher DPI settings and so Windows can apply auto-scaling. Conversely, DPI-unaware applications render at a fixed DPI value of 96 pixels per inch, or 100%, and so auto-scaling isn't applied.

AutoTRAX is now fully DPI-aware

Tuesday 7 March 2023

4K Monitors

Correct layout of popup panel contents with text scaling. (e.g. 150%)

Thursday 2 March 2023

4K Monitors

Correct layout of docking panel contents with text scaling. (e.g. 150%)


Monday 27 February, 2023

Docking and Floating Panels

AutoTRAX will now optionally adjust the width of docked panels and the size of floating panels so that the panel's controls are fully visible.

You can turn this off in the settings panel.


Wednesday 22 February, 2023


Docking and Floating Panels

Improved handling of minimum sizes of the panels.

Saturday 18 February, 2023


Sharper Text in 4K Monitors

Normally 4K Monitors scale text to say 150%. Previously this blurred text.





Text scaling now works well.


Saturday 11 February, 2023


PCB Drawing Sometimes Slow


Sunday 29 January, 2023


Moving Inner Layers Up/Down by Dragging

You can now drag the inner layer rows to alter their vertical ordering. This only works with boards with at least 2 inner layer.

Click the clip0696 button. Then hold down the left mouse button over a layer's row and drag and release.

Dragging above or below the inner layers will move the dragged layer to the top/bottom of the inner layers.


Friday 27 January, 2023


Moving Inner Layers Up/Down

You can now move inner layers up/down the layer stack. This only works with boards with at least 2 inner layer.


Wednesday 25 January, 2023

clip1836 Eagle Import and BGA Parametric Footprints

Fix for converting to parametric BGA footprint.

Saturday 21 January, 2023


Parts Catalog

The quality of the parts in the parts catalog has been improved.

There are now 54,260 parts.

The right part preview windows have been improved.


DEX will automatically download the new parts catalog to your machine.


Monday 16 January, 2023

SnapEDA Part Imports

Improved graphics for rectangles for SnapEDA parts.


Saturday 6 January, 2023

SnapEDA Part Imports

Improved graphics for symbols for SnapEDA parts.

Downloading Parts from SnapEDA.com


You can now easily search for parts on SnapEDA.com and quickly download the part into DEX.

This video show you how to easily download parts from SnapEDA.com and use them in DEX.


SnapEDA Website

You can go direct to the website by clicking on the SnapEDA button in the Library Panel.



Download File Type

Download both the Symbol and Footprint.


Click on Eagle for the download file type.


Opening the Part

Once downloaded you can open the part by double clicking on it.

If DEX does not startup the you can set the default app for the file type by right clicking on the file.


Sunday 1 January, 2023

clip1836 Part References

Fix for changes to part references in symbols and footprints not updating the 3D view.

SnapEDA Part Imports

Improved symbols for SnapEDA parts.