Checking Your PCB Design

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Checking Your PCB Design


To check your design use the Design Checker panel.

You can clip1036 and clip1037 the design rules.

The Design Rules Checker tests for:

Unrouted Tracks

Minimum Track Width

Track Intersections

Track to Track Clearance

Track to Pad Clearance

Track to Via Clearance

Track to Hole Clearance

Track to Cutout Clearance

Track to Keepout Clearance

Track to Border Clearance


Minimum Pad hole Diameters

Minimum Pad Annular Ring Size

Pad to Pad Clearance

Pad to Via Clearance

Pad to Hole Clearance

Pad to Cutout Clearance

Pad to Border Clearance


Minimum Via Hole Diameters

Minimum Via Annular Ring Size

Via to Via Clearance

Via to Hole Clearance

Via to Cutout Clearance

Via to Keepout Clearance

Via to Border Clearance


Hole to Hole Clearance

Hole to Cutout Clearance

Hole to Border Clearance


Cutout to Cutout Clearance

Cutout to Border Clearance


Courtyard to Courtyard Clearance

Courtyard to Holes Clearance

Courtyard to Cutouts Clearance

Courtyard to Border Clearance


Silkscreen to Pad Clearance


Each test can be optionally turned on or off. All tests are on by default.