Creating Projects

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Creating Projects

DEX integrates all the data for a design into a single project file.

A project file is a self contained XML file (with optional compression), that contains all the details of your design. It does not rely on any external files.

The project file contains:

1. Zero or more schematics.

2. Zero of more text documents.

3. The PCB for the project. -- A project can only contain one PCB.

The schematics and text documents can be arranged in a hierarchical fashion or left in a flat arrangement.

The schematics are firmly attached to the PCB and DEX's internal data structure ensures that the schematics and the PCB are always in sync. Any changes to a schematic are instantly reflected in the PCB.  Likewise, any changes in the PCB are immediately reflected in the schematics.

To create a new project select the New Project button clip0102  in the Home tab of the ribbon menu.