DC Transfer Function

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DC Transfer Function

General form:



.DC VIN 0.25 5.0 0.25 .DC VDS 0 10 .5 VGS 0 5 1 .DC VCE 0 10 .25 IB 0 10U 1U

The DC line defines the dc transfer curve source and sweep limits (again with capacitors open and inductors shorted). SRCNAM is the name of an independent voltage or current source. VSTART, VSTOP, and VINCR are the starting, final, and incrementing values respectively. The first example causes the value of the voltage source VIN to be swept from 0.25 Volts to 5.0 Volts in increments of 0.25 Volts. A second source (SRC2) may optionally be specified with associated sweep parameters. In this case, the first source is swept over its range for each value of the second source. This option can be useful for obtaining semiconductor device output characteristics. See the second example circuit description in Appendix A.