Editing Polylines

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Editing Polylines

To edit a polyline first select it.


A selected polyline

Drag either of the polyline corner manipulators( clip0265 ) to change the corners or ends.

Drag any rotate manipulator clip0266to rotate the polyline.

Drag any scale manipulatorclip0267 to re-size polyline.

Drag the polyline to move it.

Polyline Properties Dialog

You can also edit the parameters of the polyline using it's properties panel as shown below. To view the properties panel first select it.Then right-click on it, then select Properties Panel from the context menu that opens.


Polyline/Polygon Properties Dialog

Click the clip0523 button to show this help topic.


This is the selected vertex/segment. The selected vertex is drawn as a solid red square. The selected segment id drawn in red.


The X coordinate of the selected vertex.


The Y coordinate of the selected vertex.

Click clip0276 to add a vertex.

Click clip0277 to delete the selected vertex.

Check/uncheck clip0278 close/open the polyline.

Click clip0280 to fillet the polyline


A filleted polyline