General Tutorial Videos

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General Tutorial Videos

Viewing the AutoTRAX Sample Projects

The video demonstrates some of the capabilities of AutoTRAX DEX, including schematic and PCB design together with 3D modeling, front panel design, artwork and diagrams.

LM3914 LED Display


This video show the design of a simple LED ladder display. It takes you through the process from schematic, custom part creation and PCB manual routing with AutoTRAX DEX.

Creating a simple amplifier using pre-designed circuits

This video show you how to partition a design into a amplifier sub-system and a separate power sub-system. The design uses predesigned circuits and show you how to drag and drop them  onto sheets to quickly create a sub-system. The sub-system are then connected together and finally the PCB is automatically created.

100 Watt Amplifier Design


This video gives you a quick view of the 100W amplifier sample that comes with AutoTRAX DEX. It shows the schematic, PCB and the PCB in 3D. You also get a glimpse of Active3D.

Installing AutoTRAX

Here you will find details of installing AutoTRAX DEX for the first time on your PC

Schematic, PCB Design and Solid Modeling

This short video gives you a quick run-through of what AutoTRAX DEX can do.

Running AutoTRAX for The First Time

.This video show how to run AutoTRAX DEX for the first time user.

Updating AutoTRAX

This video shows you how to get the latest version of AutoTRAX DEX

"The video demonstrated the AutoTRAX workspace.

The video demonstrated the AutoTRAX DEX workspace.


.Schematic, PCB and 3D viewports.

Docking and Floating Panels

This video show you how to dock/undock/collapse and float panels.

Undo/redo and disaster recovery

This video show you how AutoTRAX DEX saves every change you make to a project to a special backup directory. This is the perfect 'Get out of jail free card' if your computer crashes due to power outage etc.

The AutoTRAX Status Bar

The Status Bar is demonstrated.

Using the Color Bar in AutoTRAX

Here you will find out how to set the colors for lines and fill colors for objects.

Arranging Viewports in AutoTRAX

This short video show you how you can arrange your views of your project as tabbed, tiled or cascaded.

The AutoTRAX Settings Panel

The AutoTRAX DEX Settings Panel is a central control that lets you view and change all the parameters that are used by AutoTRAX DEX.

"Halloween with AutoTRAX

AutoTRAX DEX has several preset color themes and skins that you can use to customize your copy of AutoTRAX DEX to suit you and your mood. This video show you how to quickly set the AutoTRAX DEX theme to give you a spooky Halloween look. Great for scaring the kids and even the boss!

The AutoTRAX File Viewer

The format for the project and parts files in AutoTRAX DEX are based on the industry standard XML. The files are text files, readable by you. AutoTRAX DEX files are open and the specification is freely available from the AutoTRAX DEX web site. The AutoTRAX DEX source panel is demonstrated in the video and show you how the AutoTRAX DEX XML file changes as you make modifications to your design.

Switch from a ribbon to classic menu in AutoTRAX

AutoTRAX DEX comes with both a Microsoft Office style ribbon menu and a classic drop-down menu with toolbars. This video show you how to quickly switch between the two.