Importing Eagle Libraries

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Importing Eagle Libraries

To import an Eagle library file into AutoTRAX DEX click the Tools→Importclip0330 button.

AutoTRAX DEX will combine the part schematic symbols and the footprints (if found) into a single AutoTRAX DEX part.


Eagle import dialog

Source Directory

Enter the directory containing the Eagle libraries.

Target Directory

Enter the target directory for the converted parts.

Recursive Search of Source Directory

Check to search the source directory and all it's child directories for Eagle libraries.

Compress Part Files

Check to automatically compress the resulting AutoTRAX DEX parts. This is highly recommended and will save you over 90% of the disk space for uncompressed files.

Optimize for AutoTRAX DEX

Check to have terminal magnets and parametric footprints automatically created for each part whenever possible.

clip0870 Click to convert all libraries found.
clip0871 Click to cancel this dialog.
clip0867 Click to show this help topic.