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In DEX you can add graphical lines. In schematics they have no electrical significance. However in PCBs, they have significance if they are placed on electrical layers such as the top or bottom layer; here they will leave copper traces and will provide an electrical connection to everything that is connected to them.

The video demonstrates how to add and edit graphical lines in DEX.

Adding and Editing Lines


Lines have a width that can be zero for an infinitely thin line. However, if you add lines to a PCB, you need to make sure their width is at least the size of the manufacturing minimum width.

Lines also have color and can be semi-transparent. It is even possible to define an invisible line. If you have snap to objects enabled, objects will snap to invisible lines.

Lines are defined by 2 points, the start point of the line and the end point of the line.


Lines can have different widths.


Lines can also have a line style as shown below.


Different line thicknesses and styles

In addition, you can also set the line cap style for lines to any of the cap styles shown below. Each end of the line can have a different style.


Line end caps

If you have snap to objects enabled, then as you add other objects they can  snap to either end of a line or the center of the line.