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General form:





M1 24 2 0 20 TYPE1 M31 2 17 6 10 MODM L=5U W=2U M1 2 9 3 0 MOD1 L=10U W=5U AD=100P AS=100P PD=40U PS=40U

ND, NG, NS, and NB are the drain, gate, source, and bulk (substrate) nodes, respectively. MNAME is the model name. L and W are the channel length and width, in meters. AD and AS are the areas of the drain and source diffusions, in m2. Note that the suffix U specifies microns (1e-6 m) and P sq-microns (1e-12 m2). If any of L, W, AD, or AS are not specified, default values are used. The use of defaults simplifies input file preparation, as well as the editing required if device geometries are to be changed. PD and PS are the perimeters of the drain and source junctions, in meters. NRD and NRS designate the equivalent number of squares of the drain and source diffusions; these values multiply the sheet resistance RSH specified on the .MODEL control line for an accurate representation of the parasitic series drain and source resistance of each transistor. PD and PS default to 0.0 while NRD and NRS to 1.0. OFF indicates an (optional) initial condition on the device for dc analysis. The (optional) initial condition specification using IC=VDS, VGS, VBS is intended for use with the UIC option on the .TRAN control line, when a transient analysis is desired starting from other than the quiescent operating point. See the .IC control line for a better and more convenient way to specify transient initial conditions. The (optional) TEMP value is the temperature at which this device is to operate, and overrides the temperature specification on the .OPTION control line. The temperature specification is ONLY valid for level 1, 2, 3, and 6 MOSFETs, not for level 4 or 5 (BSIM) devices.