Noise Analysis

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Noise Analysis

General form:



.NOISE V(5) VIN DEC 10 1kHZ 100Mhz .NOISE V(5,3) V1 OCT 8 1.0 1.0e6 1

The Noise line does a noise analysis of the circuit. OUTPUT is the node at which the total output noise is desired; if REF is specified, then the noise voltage V(OUTPUT) - V(REF) is calculated. By default, REF is assumed to be ground. SRC is the name of an independent source to which input noise is referred. PTS, FSTART and FSTOP are .AC type parameters that specify the frequency range over which plots are desired. PTS_PER_SUMMARY is an optional integer; if specified, the noise contributions of each noise generator is produced every PTS_PER_SUMMARY frequency points.

The .NOISE control line produces two plots - one for the Noise Spectral Density curves and one for the total Integrated Noise over the specified frequency range. All noise voltages/currents are in squared units V2/Hz and A2/Hz for spectral density, V2 and A2 for integrated noise).