Panelised PCBs

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Panelised PCBs

When you submit your design to your PCB manufacturer, in addition to just sending a single PCB design and allowing the manufacturer to create the PCB as they wish, you can also ask the manufacturer to create a PCB panel.

Number of PCB's Per Panel

clip1368Having a higher number of PCB's per panel will reduce manufacturing costs and is essential for automated assembly using pick and place machines if the PCB is small.

For an order with a small number of units, single-up panels are usually OK.

But when orders get larger, over 25 pieces, you are best to consider making the panels larger in order to improve the assembly process.

If the individual PCB's themselves are large, then a single-up panel may be necessary, regardless of the number of units ordered. For example if the individual PCB is over say 200mm then it is probable that it would need to remain a single-up panel.

However, if the PCB is under that, and the quantity is sufficient, then putting more PCB's into a panel would be preferred.


2 x 2 PCB Panel (4 PCBs)