Parametric Parts

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Parametric Parts

A parametric part is the encapsulation of all the details needed by DEX to generate the schematics symbols, footprint and 3D solid model for a real part.

Parametric parts are extremely powerful. From only a small collection of numerical values parametric parts can generate complex graphics including 2-D graphics and 3-D graphics.

To illustrate the concept let's consider a PIC10F200 micro-controller from Microchip.

We will consider the version that comes in an 8-pin PDIP package.

There are 3 parts to consider.

1.The Manufacturer's model and specification of the device.

2.What you actually get.

3.The model used by DEX to help you incorporate it into the system you are designing.


Creating a Parametric Part

In this video I will show you how to create parametric parts. The parametric part is a part that is automatically created from a number of parameters these parameters can be the size and shape of the pads, the pitch between the pads, the number pads, the size of the parts body, the colour of the body of the part, a texture that can be optionally applied to the body of the part, and so the list goes on.

Using parametric parts allows you to create an infinite variety of parts based on a generic template.

Examples of generic templates are SOIC devices, axial and radial devices. Small outline transistors, LEDs, sockets, and many other diverse types. You will see many of them created in this video.

Creating a Parametric Part