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A part consists of a footprint, and optional 3-D model, 1 or more symbols and ideally a datasheet coupled with hyperlinks to both the supplier and the manufacturer.

Normally a part consists of just a single symbol, but the part may have 2 or more symbols such as the old TTL devices which have multiple gates and you want a separate symbol for each gate.

When you start designing a part, the first thing you need to do is find the datasheet for the part. The datasheet should define the physical package, the preferred footprint or land pattern and the pin assignment details and what each pin does. Without the parts datasheet you are flying blind and just guessing as to what you are designing.

So how to find the datasheet?

In DEX there are two different types of symbols:

Symbols with terminal magnets.

Fully custom symbols without terminal magnets such as a traditional NPN transistor or an operational amplifier.

Part files contain schematic symbols, text documents and a footprint (land pattern) that contains all the information needed to define the abstract schematic representation for a part together with the footprint required for the PCB and the 3D solid model for the part.

Parts are defined parametrically and this allows a single part to be quickly and easily modified into a different part type. The parametric models define how to create a complete part from only a few simple parameters.







Schematic Symbol(s)




3D Package

This video gives you a quick overview of what parts are in DEX

Parts in AutoTRAX