PLOT Lines

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PLOT Lines

General form:

.PLOT PLTYPE OV1 <(PLO1, PHI1)> <OV2 <(PLO2, PHI2)> ... OV8>


.PLOT DC V(4) V(5) V(1) .PLOT TRAN V(17, 5) (2, 5) I(VIN) V(17) (1, 9) .PLOT AC VM(5) VM(31, 24) VDB(5) VP(5) .PLOT DISTO HD2 HD3(R) SIM2 .PLOT TRAN V(5, 3) V(4) (0, 5) V(7) (0, 10)

The Plot line defines the contents of one plot of from one to eight output variables. PLTYPE is the type of analysis (DC, AC, TRAN, NOISE, or DISTO) for which the specified outputs are desired. The syntax for the OVI is identical to that for the .PRINT line and for the plot command in the interactive mode.

The overlap of two or more traces on any plot is indicated by the letter X.

When more than one output variable appears on the same plot, the first variable specified is printed as well as plotted. If a printout of all variables is desired, then a companion .PRINT line should be included.

There is no limit on the number of .PLOT lines specified for each type of analysis.