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General form:



.PRINT TRAN V(4) I(VIN) .PRINT DC V(2) I(VSRC) V(23, 17) .PRINT AC VM(4, 2) VR(7) VP(8, 3)

The Print line defines the contents of a tabular listing of one to eight output variables. PRTYPE is the type of the analysis (DC, AC, TRAN, NOISE, or DISTO) for which the specified outputs are desired. The form for voltage or current output variables is the same as given in the previous section for the print command; Spice2 restricts the output variable to the following forms (though this restriction is not enforced by Spice3):


specifies the voltage difference between nodes N1 and N2. If N2 (and the preceding comma) is omitted, ground (0) is assumed. See the print command in the previous section for more details. For compatibility with spice2, the following five additional values can be accessed for the ac analysis by replacing the "V" in V(N1,N2) with:

VR - real part

VI - imaginary part

VM - magnitude

VP - phase

VDB - 20 log10(magnitude)

I(VXXXXXXX) specifies the current flowing in the independent voltage source named VXXXXXXX. Positive current flows from the positive node, through the source, to the negative node. For the ac analysis, the corresponding replacements for the letter I may be made in the same way as described for voltage outputs.Output variables for the noise and distortion analyses have a different general form from that of the other analyses.

There is no limit on the number of .PRINT lines for each type of analysis.