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To print any view click the Home→Printclip0348 button.


Print Preview

The print preview shown above consists of a ribbon menu, a options panel on the left and a preview window to the right of the options panel and below the ribbon menu.

click clip0923 to print the selected pages.

Ribbon Menu

The ribbon menu can be split into 2 parts, the View button group on the left and the common ribbon button groups on the right.

The clip0920 button shows/hides the option panel shown below.

Click to read about the Common Print Menu

The Option Panel

The options panel lets you scale the printing or have the sheets automatically fill the printed page,

Check clip0921 to have the sheets automatically fill the printed page, If you uncheck it, you can set the print scale. Note, it is possible to set the scale such that the sheet will not all fit on the printed page.

Check/uncheck the check boxes in the Print column to include/exclude the sheet in the print run.

Clicking clip0922displays this help topic.



Options Dialog