Restoring Previous Designs

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Restoring Previous Designs

By default DEX saves a copy of EVERY change you make to your project. These are saves in a directory called XXX.backup where XXX is the full path name of your project.

To restore to any of the click the HomeOpen clip0802 button. The Restore Design dialog show below will appear.


The Restore Design dialog

Click on any of the rows in the left grid to view the project. The schematic (first page) and the PCB will be displayed in the viewports on the right.

clip0803 The date the design was saved

.clip0804 The time the design was saved.

clip0805The action that occurred after the design was saved.

Click clip1753 to cancel/close the dialog.

Click clip0806 to restore the selected design state.

Click clip0807 to display this help topic.