Schematics Tutorial Videos

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Schematics Tutorial Videos

A Simple Resistor Ladder

This short video shows you how to create a simple resistor ladder in DEX.

Automatic wiring using AutoTRAX

This video show you how DEX will automatically create, route and layout the wires on you schematics. Simply click on a start terminal, drag the mouse to the target terminal and click again to complete the connection. Also, as you move part symbols, DEX will automatically re-route all the connect wires. Adding wire to your schematics has never been easier.


Automatic Wire Jumpers

This video demonstrates how DEX automatically creates wire jumpers for you when schematic wires cross.

Wire and Bus junctions in AutoTRAX

This video demonstrates how wires and buses can connect to each other.


Schematic Wiring Made Simple 

This video shows how wiring parts together in DEX is embarrassingly simple. Just hold down the left mouse button and drag the wire from the start terminal to the end terminal. DEX does the rest.


Hierarchical Top-Down Design

In DEX your can create an hierarchical top down design with your schematics if you wish. This video shows you how.

Saving Designs for Re-use

You can save all or part of a design to the design library panel and drag these sub-circuits onto schematics in other projects. This video shows you how.

Reference Designators in AutoTRAX

In DEX you can change the orientation, font and scaling of part reference designators in PCBs and schematics. In schematics you can also change the color.

Schematic-PCB Cross Selection in AutoTRAX

In DEX, you can optionally selected PCB footprints when you select schematic symbols and vice versa. You can also do this for schematic wires and nets/tracks in the PCB. This lets you quickly see the parts can relate to each other in the schematics and the PCB.

Re-positioning symbol names and pin number

When you place a parts symbol in a schematic you are not left with a fixed immutable symbol. With DEX you can drag terminals, their textural names and the pin numbers to customize the symbol to how you want it. This video shows you how.

Marking terminals as no connection required

You can quickly mark symbol terminals as not requiring a connection and so help the design checker check for errors.


Copy And Paste Circuits

This video shows you how to copy and paste a single circuit that has been laid out and routed to create a more complex circuit. This is done by first creating the original circuit then doing copy and paste just two times to replicate the original circuit.

Creating an Array of Circuits

This video show you how to create a rectangular array of circuits by simply selecting, setting row and column counts and dragging.