Searching for Part Prices and Datasheets

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Searching for Part Prices and Datasheets

DEX now comes with a powerful datasheet search utility. This will search the Internet for electronic parts, their datasheets and  the latest prices from several electronic part distributors.

Video - Searching for part prices and datasheets 

To to start, click on the find datasheet clip1271 in the tools ribbon menu.

You will then see the datasheet search dialog.

Enter the search pattern and click on the clip1279 to find the part information. You need to be connected to the Internet.


For instance, to search for an  ATMEGA16U2-MU device enter ATMEGA16U2-MU and click search.

Here is the result obtained. Yours may differ depending on supply.


Selecting the first entry for Dig-Key and expanding the Prices you will see a list of today's prices as shown below.



You can click on clip1277 to save the datasheet or click on clip1278 to print it.

Click on clip1275 to view the suppliers website.