Selecting Items

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Selecting Items

There are 2 picking modes in DEX


In this mode only top level objects are picked. Click the Edit→Selectclip0194 button.


In this mode you can pick objects that are components of other objects. This is good for selecting objects inside a group or symbol/footprint. Click the Edit→Selectclip0195 button.

Single Selection

To select single objects, click on the object in the viewport.

If you hold the Shift key then the object you select will be added to the selected items if it is not already selected else it will be removed from the selected item.

Window Pick

To select multiple objects left-click and hold in an area not occupied by any objects and drag the mouse. As you drag the mouse you will see all objects inside the rectangle defined by the initial mouse press and the current location of the mouse are selected. The objects must be completely inside the picking rectangle.

Select All

Click the Edit→Selectclip0196 button to select all objects on a sheet.

Invert selection

Click the Edit→Selectclip0197 button to invert the selection. All selected objects become unselected and all previously unselected objects become selected.

Unselect All

Click the Edit→Selectclip0198 button to unselect all objects in a sheet.