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You can combine two or more graphics objects into a single shape object.

The  shape object consists of a shape outline and zero or more holes.

Shapes are useful to creating a complex shaped objects about of simple objects.


Example shape

The above shape was made by:

1.Adding a arc to a schematic.

2.Copying the arc and moving it to the left

3.Adding a line connecting the bottom ends of the two arcs.

4.Copying the line and moving it to connect the tops of the two arcs.

5.Selecting all 4 objects and then clicking the LayoutGroupclip0817 button.

6. Setting the fill and line style.


Below is a cartoon shape created by combining 1 curve, 1 polyline, 2 circles, 1 ellipse and a polygon. Just draw the outline and internal cutouts and combine.  


Sample Shape - Made with polylines, arcs, an ellipse, a rectangle and a curve


Sample Shape

Creating Shapes

Editing Shapes