The 4 Menu Layout Modes

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The 4 Menu Layout Modes

You now have a choice of a traditional drop-down menu or a Microsoft Office style ribbon menu.

Switching Between Drop-down and Ribbon Menus

To switch from the ribbon menu to the drop-down menu click on clip2507 in the Panels->Menu ribbon button group.

To switch from the drop-down menu to the ribbon menu click on clip2508.


Drop-Down Menu

You have a classic drop-down menu. This also comes with optional toolbars.



Ribbon Menu

You can save some of the screen space normally occupied by the the Ribbon Menu.

The Ribbon menu has 3 display layout modes:

1.Classic Fully Expanded



Classic Fully Expanded Ribbon Menu

In this mode, all the ribbon page buttons groups are visible.


Classic Fully Expanded Ribbon Menu

Simplified Ribbon Layout

In this mode, the ribbon page button groups are compacted.


Simplified Ribbon Layout

To switch between the Classic and the Simplified layout: click on the arrows button clip2505 at the bottom left of the Ribbon Menu.

Minimized Ribbon Layout

In this layout mode, the ribbon button groups are hidden until made visible by clicking on a ribbon page heading.


Minimized Ribbon Layout

DEX can optionally collapse panels and the ribbon menu to give you the maximum view of the design. The choice is yours and you can rapidly change your workstation style at the click of a mouse button.

To collapse the Ribbon Menu click the Maximixe in the Panels Menuclip0059  button. When collapsed, the ribbon menu appears as shown above. When you click on a ribbon tab, the ribbon will expand down, as shown below, allowing you to select a command and will contract after the command starts. To restore the ribbon to classic node: in the Panels menu button group click the Panels Menu clip0060 button.



Ribbon Buttons Group Expanded in Minimized Ribbon Layout


Classic Dropdown Menu