The Checklist Panel

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The Checklist Panel

When you are at certain key stages in your design such as when you have completed the schematic design it is good practice to check your design. DEX provides you with the Checklist panel for just such a purpose.

The Checklist panel is a collection of controls that let you 'check off' you design.

To view/hide the Checklist Information panel click the PanelsPanels clip0614 button.




Use this to check off and mark parts as verified in the design.

Check the clip0626 checkbox to display verified markers on your schematics. The markers are similar to marks left by a marker pen but much neater!



Terminal without verified marker


Terminal showing verified marker (grayed rectangle)

When you select an item it will be selected in the schematic


Selected Item

Click the clip0630button to print the list.

Click the clip0636 button to remove all verified status for the design.

Click the clip0631 button to display this help topic.

You can sort the list by clicking on the column header.

Right click on the column header to find more options.





Use this to check off and mark electrical connections (wires/nodes) as verified in the design.


Connection showing without verified marker


Connection showing verified marker (grayed rectangles)


Selected Item

Check the clip0637 to flash the selected item.

Check the clip0638 to have the item zoomed into view when selected. This combined with clip0637 makes them easier to find.