The Electra Auto-router

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The Electra Auto-router

ELECTRA is a third party shape based PCB router that works well with DEX.

This video demonstrates how to use the Electra Auto-router

Auto-routing with AutoTRAX and ELECTRA

It is a new generation of Shape-Based Auto routing software for PC boards. ELECTRA uses a  multi-pass, cost-based conflict reduction algorithm to find a routing solution adapting to the natural flow of the nets. Adaptive routing algorithm is the only proven approach to reach a high completion rate.  ELECTRA gives immediate feedback on the routing progress and conflict reduction rate.

DEX, by default, does not come with an ELECTRA license. You will need to purchase a separate ELECTRA license. Find out more...

ELECTRA uses industry standard format by reading design file (DSN). Routing results are saved into standard route file format (RTE) or session file (SES).


Click to View the DSN Specification


Electra sample

Typical board routed with ELECTRA