The File Menu

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The File Menu

The File menu contains a list of commands for creating, opening, plotting, printing and sending projects, parts and artwork.  To show the file menu click on the clip0045 image at the top left of the DEX main application window.


Recent Designs

At the right of the menu is the Recent Designs list. This displays recent designs on which you have been working. Click on any design to open it.

New Project

Click to create a new project.

Open Project

Click to open an existing project.

New Part

Click to create a new part.

Open Part

Click to create open an existing part.

Part Wizard

Click to start the Part Wizard

New Artwork

Click to create a new artwork.

Open Artwork

Click to open an existing project.


Click to save the current design. If it has never been saved you will be prompted for a new name, this is the same as the Save As command below.

Save As

This will prompt you for a new file name.


This will close the current design. If you have unsaved work, you will be prompted to save it.


This will reveal a pop-out menu list of different formats to which you can save.



This will display the print preview dialog.


This will display the plot preview dialog.


This will close DEX. If you have unmodified work, you will be prompted to save it before DEX closes.


Click this to send the design as an email attachment to a work colleague. It will open a send email dialog for your email program.


This will display the options and settings control.


This will display the About dialog box that gives you details about the DEX program and its version number.