The File Settings

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The File Settings

The File button group has a pop up dialog that allows you to set the settings related to file open and save commands.


Automatic Archive

This creates a directory where a separate project file is saved every time you make a change to a projects (Zooms, pans etc. do not create a saved project file).

This gives you a complete audit trail of all changes you make to a project.

Parts and Artworks are not archived.

Reload Last File on Startup

If checked, the last project, part or artwork saved will be reloaded on start-up.

Save File Compressed

If not checked, DEX files are uncompressed XML and can be views with any text editor. Compressed files can be less than 5% of the size of an uncompressed file. You are recommended to compress your files.

Decompress File

Click this to decompress a DEX file. A pop up dialog will appear where you can select a file to decompress.

Reset Default

Reset the default template file for projects, parts and artworks to the factory default. You can always set the default again.