Undoing and Redoing Your Changes

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Undoing and Redoing Your Changes

Every change (except viewpoint changes) you to make to your design or part is reversible.

To undo a change click the EditUndo/Redoclip0186 button.

To reverse an undo and restore a change, click the EditUndo/Redoclip0187 button.

Each change you make to a design or part is named with a name that reflects the action taken. You can view all changes made in the current session by clicking on the clip0189 button the lower left of the EditEdit ribbon button group. The Undo/Redo pop-up will be displayed as shown below. Click on any of the named states to revert the current design to that state. Clicking the clip0190 button displays this help topic.



You can also restore previous states that occurred before the current session using the Restore Backup command.