The Panels

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The Panels

DEX has the following panels which can be docked to the sides of the application or left floating.

The Checklist Panel

The Part Builder Panel

The Project Panel

The Properties Panel

The Library Panel

The Layers Panel

The Design Rules Checker Panel

The Navigator Panel

The Settings Panel

The Source View Panel

The Parts Bin Panel

The Netlist Panel

The Parts List Panel

The System Information Panel

Moving Panels

Dock panels are the main building blocks of the DEX application. They represent dockable windows on which visual controls are placed. A panel can be docked to another panel or it can float. The panel's caption allows you to drag a panel to a new position and thus perform docking operations on it.

To move a panel hold down the left mouse button and drag the panel. As you move the panel you will see small rectangles appear showing you where you can dock the panel you are moving. Below the Library Panel is being dragged.


Collapsing Panels

To collapse a panel click the small pin in the top right of the panels caption bar.


Non-collapsed Docked Panel


Collapsed Docked Panel

Floating Panels

Double-click on the panels caption bar to float it.


Floated Panel