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Web Tutorial

Mick's Tutorial

Mick Gulovsen from Melbourne, Australia has created a tutorial on using DEX at https://pcbdex.com/HowToMakeAPCB.

'I intend to show the `basics’ of how to go about entering all of the required data to lay out a PCB, from start to finish, including creating the GERBER files to send to a PCB fabrication house for production. This document will no doubt be full of grammatical and spelling errors and may show methods that are not necessarily the easiest, or best, way to do things. It is the way that I go about using DEX, you may do things differently and that is fine. We are all individuals and we all do things in our own ways. I also make no guarantee about the accuracy of this board and in fact it may have serious errors that will make it useless. What is important is the methodology that I use and if you chose to make any PCBs using this design you do so at your own risk. Of course you can always edit the project to fix said errors, if they rear their ugly heads. One last thing is this will NOT be an exact TRACK for TRACK reproduction. You can route manually and exactly replicate the original but that would take a lot more effort and is a moot point as generally you will be designing from scratch'

Mick Gulovsen